2012 ➤ Come on, Tone! Only another 142 chart places until musical Gold!

Metro, newspaper, Spandau Ballet, Gold, Absolute Radio

Aug 3, 2012: Today’s Metro, the free city newspaper

❚ THIS MORNING’S METRO NEWSPAPER in the UK reports Spandau Ballet’s 1983 chart hit Gold moving up the UK iTunes Top 200 Chart from 165 to 143, also trending on Twitter, while, thanks to Team GB, two Gold slots were filled on the Absolute Radio “Tonyliser”. Somebody manning the signal beacon back at Spandau Towers still has a knack for PR!

➢ Check progress on the Tonyliser in the Team GB Spandathon – For every gold medal Team GB win, Absolute Radio will play Spandau Ballet’s Gold that many times on the Breakfast Show of Monday August 13.

➢ July 6 update: Gold has shot up to No 6 in the iTunes UK Rock Chart

➢ One Direction should have closed the Olympic opening ceremony, according to Tony Hadley: “They’re our biggest export at the moment, pure pop.” However, The Sun’s Gordon Smart disagrees, Aug 3: “Macca is one of Britain’s biggest living legends. Everything about the ceremony was spot on.”

➢ Latest official news from Spandau Towers


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