2012 ➤ Boogie on down, Your Maj, with three British maestros of the club mix

❚ A RIGHT ROYAL Diamond Jubilee knees-up courtesy of London clubland’s star deejays still going strong after 30 years . . .

Chris Sullivan, youth culture, Swinging 80s,Beat Route, clubbing

2011, Le Beat Route recreated for one night only: MC Sullivan sharing his sounds

Dj chris sullivan GROOVALICIOUSMIXaiff

“I guess it might be called of groovy disco funk” x 1h 16m


Le Palace, Paris 1982: Egan aloft, Strange below. Photographed © by Shapersofthe80s

RUSTY EGAN 2012-03-01 Enjoy the silence

Claptone, Deep Mind, Jessica 6, Villa Nah, New Order and more x 60m


Grace Jones, Mark Moore, Royal Albert Hall, Hurricane

2010: look who got to go back stage – photo courtesy of himself © Mark Moore

Mark Moore 13-5-12 Very Beautiful Lips Mix

“Mixed live on machines but not by machines. I left a couple of (tiny) mistakes on. I like the flaws. A flaw is what makes something beautiful truly interesting” x 62m


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