2012 ➤ East London hipsters: leave your mark on Dazed’s instant history map

Jamie Hawkesworth,Dazed & Confused ,Secret History, East London

Photographed by Jamie Hawkesworth, clockwise from top left: Elijah Butterz, Nasir Mazhar, Tracey Moberly, Kathryn Ferguson, Yang Du, Martine Rose, Missy the dog, James Edson, Charlotte Jansen

➢ Kicking off its Secret History of East London project, the May issue of Dazed & Confused “asks a host of creatives, pioneers and dreamers whether rising rents, silicon roundabouts and a surfeit of artisinal [sic] coffee means that it’s all over for the creative inhabitants of east London”.

The young photographer Jamie Hawkesworth was asked to capture parts of the creative community — portraits of the artists, designers, musicians, publishers etc working from the area — and for his own memories of east London: “I’m always inspired by people that have a really strong character, a real sense of being and an expressive personality that comes across in the slightest of touches.” See above for the result.

Dazed Digital invites you to map your memories on its interactive timeline

Secret History ,East London ,dazeddigital,Cantaloupe

At Dazed Digital: a few hundred yards adrift, a black cross marks the fabled Cantaloupe where boys and girls learned the cruel facts of life about Shoreditch in the 90s

➢ Being taught the rules of London in the Canteloupe [sic] — See black cross added today by Duncan to Dazed Digital’s map. He says: “When I first moved to London in 1998 from Manchester, in fact my second day I think it was, I was in the back of the Canteloupe on Charlotte Road in Shoreditch and got talking to a guy from Manchester who told me the ‘rule of London’ being that you have to be brutal and move through social groups until you find YOUR people … taking the ones from a group you like the most and then surfing through people because London runs deep. It was a ‘big city’ chat. I didn’t really follow the advice, but I remember the advice like it was yesterday… Today (17th April) I walked past the Canteloupe and it has just closed, being refitted…”

Secret History ,East London ,dazeddigital,Cantaloupe,restaurants

Since November 1995 scruffy old Cantaloupe has been the benchmark of cool among the artisan streets of the Wild East: “as essential to Shoreditch as misunderstood haircuts, bubbling new musical hybrids and devil-may-care debauchery”


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