➤ Dalston Superstars get down with a Poundland People’s Christmas feast

Dalston Superstars, Nathan Barley,Vice dotcom,video,mockumentary,hipsters ➢ Click the pic to run video of Dalston Superstars Ep 4 at Vice.com

❚ EPISODE 4 OF DALSTON SUPERSTARS, Vice online’s “structured reality” series about hipness in Hackney, is a Christmas special, which means sex, drugs and sausage rolls. Will the wildest Christmas party Dalston’s ever seen solve the gang’s problems, or just add to their hangovers?

Dalston Superstars, Vicedotcom, Nathan Barley, video, hipsters✰ Stefan: “Dad found my Tumblr and freaked out and he cut me off”

✰ Sam considers whether it’s right to throw a recession party

✰ Maeve becomes a working girl and discovers what “the Occupy Wall Street thing” is all about

✰ Anna thinks she wants to do fashion styling

✰ Stefan and Maeve transition to the working class

✰ Vital vocab: get gaddafied, satanic Mean Girls, ghetto-fabulous snacks

[No scriptwriter gets an onscreen credit but words and images above are
© 2011 Vice Media Inc]


Dalston Superstars, Vice dotcom, video, reality TV,  mockumentary, hipsters❏ Vasilisa Forbes, Photography and Multimedia “This was a really emotional one.”

❏ Charlie Mass, European Institute of Design “I’m from australiaN.”

❏ Laura O’Reardon, Senior College “Maeve, get a job you user.”

❏ Daniel Heronneau, Wallington County Grammar School for Boys “Vee looks like Kreayshawns dj Lil Debbie.”

❏ Jimmy Dallas, Preston, Lancashire “thisiswanknow”

❏ Jack Van Cooten, CEO at Banana Hill “Awesome”

❏ Huw Williams, Central Lancashire “I just envisage a coked up editor screaming at staff: It IS funny! They’ll get it eventually, you’ll see!”

❏ Robsta Hendricks, London “Brilliant. From living West travelling East to living East working West Gastro part time, I get it. Well done.”

❏ Thibaud Guerin-Williams “In Richmond VA this is real.”

❏ Pierre Chambaud, London “how can I be a part of dis gang?”

❏ Grant Armour, Sarfend High School for Dudes, Uni. Sussex, da blud behind da wkd #christmasmixtape “these outta town muthafuckas in efes think they run the game, they going to get it in the knees. we about to blow the roof off alibi in 2012 mane. smokin big damn dank.”

❏ Sean Otley, Manchester “dalston s.s = toss.”

❏ Rich ‘Catface’ Brooks, UCLAN “Chris Morris did this seven years ago, but much better, and aimed at Vice.”

AND NOW THE #christmasmixtape

❏ Update Dec 24 By popular demand, here’s a mere taster of the download featuring largely Grant Armour [see comments] available at, like, #christmasmixtape

Catch up with Dalston Superstars #PREVIOUSLY

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➢ View DS Episode Two — numero uno sex vixen, Holly Wood, has got eyes for Sam — bad luck, Anna!

➢ View DS Episode Three — art collective NoiNoiNoi mount “an experiment in cosmic dissonance” in E8

➢ Feedback and coverage of Dalston Superstars at Shapersofthe80s (this series is not gonna lie down)


❏ Subcultural decryption: Dalston is the area of east London that UK hipsters regard as, like, paradise. Unless they live a mile away in Shoreditch, then it’s Shoreditch. (Hoxton is SO yesterday.)

❏ Subcultural analogy: Nathan Barley was a UK television series featuring hipster role models for Dalston Superstars, like, six years ago… Not to mention the even holier Mighty Boosh (2004–7).


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