➤ Fire up the Lada! Gene Hunt is off to Moscow in British TV exports boom

Life on Mars, Philip Glenister , Gene Hunt , John Sim, television series,UK TV exports,

The original UK version of the 70s-set British police series Life on Mars: Philip Glenister as Gene Hunt and John Sim as Sam Tyler, right (BBC)

➢ Today’s Guardian reports that the British TV export industry now brings in more than £1.4bn annually…

❚ Last year sales of UK programmes and format ideas generated revenues of £1.4bn, up from £1.3bn in 2009
❚ North America represented 42% of total UK export revenue in 2010, with Europe 31% and the rest of the world 27%
❚ Sales to Canada rose from £61m to £73m in the year to 2010, a 20% increase
❚ Revenue from ready-to-screen TV sold abroad in 2010 raised £657m, up 15%
[UK Television Exports Survey]

THE CATCHPHRASE ‘Fire up the Lada’ could soon be sweeping Russia. The BBC has licensed the hit TV series Life on Mars, which turned actor Philip Glenister’s politically incorrect DCI Gene Hunt into one of the nation’s best loved characters, to be set in the former Soviet Union and the action relocated from 1970s Manchester to communist Moscow.

The BBC’s announcement comes as figures from the UK Television Exports Survey show that the world’s appetite for British television is booming. The success of formats such as Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor, as well as the dramas Downton Abbey and Sherlock, have led to a 13% rise in export revenues to more than £1.4bn in the past year… /continued at Guardian online

Life on Mars, Jason O’Mara , Harvey Keitel, US TV series,

Next stop, Moscow: The US version of Life on Mars, starred Jason O’Mara as Sam Tyler and Harvey Keitel as a quieter Gene Hunt (photography: FX)

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