2011 ➤ The other design festival running alongside London Fashion Week

Reddress,London Design Festival,Aamu Song,York Hall ,World Design Capital Helsinki 2012,

Reddress at York Hall: 550 metres of fabric which can accommodate 200 people in its folds in an event space in East London — plus shop

➢ Kate Burton writes at her LFH blog:

“ ❚ TODAY MARKS THE BEGINNING of London Fashion Week. I am intrigued by the interactive installation and performance space that comes in the form of a huge red dress — Reddress — which is part of this year’s London Design Festival.

The installation — sponsored by The Finnish Institute at Bethnal Green’s iconic York Hall — features a dress designed by Aamu Song which sets out to examine the role between performer who resides within the dress and audience by inviting us to enter pockets concealed within the dress and to become part of the experience…

➢ London Fashion Week programme Sep 16–21, 2011

➢ REDDRESS is an installation and performance space designed by Aamu Song. It will host a series of evening concerts and daytime events in East London, Sep 22–25.

➢ Aamu Song and Johan Olin run their own Com-pa-ny of artists and designers in Helsinki.

➢ London Design Festival hosts nine days of design events all across town, Sep 17–25, showcasing the UK’s world-class creative community.


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