➤ The clubs are alive to the smells of music

Sencity, multisensory, music event,indigO2,aroma jockeys, disco

Aroma jockey on the Sencity case: two fans, a load of fragrances, and a heaving dancefloor in Rotterdam

❚ YES, YOU SEE HERE AN AROMA JOCKEY. What we can’t show are the vibrating dancefloors and vests when Sencity London introduces Britain to its first “multisensory music event” on October 8 at the indigO2 club in the mighty Greenwich dome. This Dutch nightlife creation can be enjoyed by deaf as well as hearing music fans in the 1,500-capacity space. VJs and text jockeys display dynamic visualisations of lyrics from performers, while sign dancers accompany the acts to translate lyrics and emotions of the music into British Sign Language.


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