➤ 30 years ago today: “The Day the Middle Class Died”

filmmaker, Michael Moore,blogger,

Fighting America’s downward slide: Moore blames President Reagan

❚ PROVOCATEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE and Oscar-winning filmmaker, Michael Moore, argues today on his OpenMike blog that President Ronald Reagan (1981–1989) kick-started the decline of the American economy on this day in August, 30 years ago. As the USA’s international credit rating is tomorrow set to lose its triple-A status and China proposes a new global reserve currency for the 21st century, Moore claims that in 1981 “Big Business and the Right Wing decided to ‘go for it’ — to see if they could actually destroy the middle class so that they could become richer themselves” . . .

➢ Read his full rant “The Day the Middle Class Died”
at michaelmoore.com


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