➤ One million people think Charlie really is SoCoolLike

❚ FOUR YEARS ON, CHARLIE McDONNELL, aged 20 of Bath and London, tells his one millionth subscriber today: “Pretty much all of the closest friends that I have are people that I’ve met on YouTube. All the opportunities I’ve had to do cool things in my life have come from being on this website.” In addition to being the most subscribed YouTuber in the UK (population 62m), his channel has had 34m views, and his “total upload views” (whateva that means) exceed 150m. And guess what? Charlie has now decided to become a popstar too though on the basis of his solo album This Is Me (hear it free at his website) that ain’t gonna happen until his musical best friend Nerimon tells him about Auto-Tune.

➢ Click this for Charlie’s proper website


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