➤ Index of posts for February

People’s Palace, Valentine Ball, New Romantics, Astoria Finsbury Park

Frills, tassels and hats: Arrivals at the New Romantics ball, 1981. Photographed © by Caroline Greville-Morris

➢ 1981, New Romantics have their day — rearranging the deck-chairs at the posers’ ball

➢ 1944, “Go to work, Slim” — Lauren Bacall offers a musical treat for Valentine’s Day

➢ Guardian makes Shapersofthe80s an internet pick of the week

➢ 1961, No wonder The Beatles changed the shape of music after 456 sessions practising in public

Beatles, Hamburg, Astrid Kirchherr, Stuart Sutcliffe

The Beatles’ beat look, 1960: honed in Hamburg by photographer Astrid Kirchherr who took this picture when guitarist Stuart Sutcliffe was in the lineup

➢ The Kemp Brothers cook up a mystical morsel

➢ EMI chief confirms record company sale highly likely

➢ Rivals sniffy about Murdoch’s Daily — more an iPad magazine than a newspaper

➢ 1981, Birth of Duran’s Planet Earth — when other people’s faith put the Brummies into the charts

Duran Duran, New Romantics

Duran Duran in 1980: Birmingham’s fluffiest New Romantics


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