➤ Julia and Gaz share their secrets for ageing disgracefully

Gaz Mayall host of Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues

Gaz Mayall: no more splits on the dancefloor. Photographed © by Chris Floyd

❚ TWO STARS OF LONDON’S CLUBLAND are invited to consider their age in today’s Sunday Times Style magazine. Jessica Brinton asks a bunch of 50-plus celebs if they view ageing as a barrier and believe growing old is something different from growing up. She reports that the British midlife crisis has slipped back from 50 to 35, and senses there is a new spirit of agelessness in the air… Brief extracts here, more at The Sunday Times online

Princess Julia, Blitz Kid

Princess Julia: naive, indefatigable spirit. Photographed © by Chris Floyd

❏ Gaz Mayall host of Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues clubnight in Soho admits to being fiftysomething:
“My secret is a good diet. I’m teetotal for the early part of the year and that’s when I crack on and do all the things that most people do all year round. Then when summer starts, I’m flat out deejaying and partying. Although since I hurt my hip, I know it isn’t a smart idea to do the splits on the dancefloor. I don’t think I’m any less revolutionary than I was, but I’m less naive now.”

➢ View a brief history of Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues, a short film by Leo Leigh and Zaid Mudhaffer, which celebrates the legacy of London’s longest running one-nighter with interviews with Gaz and unsung Soho celebrities and music junkies

❏ Princess Julia, ex-Blitz Kid, now deejay and writer, is described as fiftynothing:
“I can’t say I’m enjoying the ageing process physically, but I stave it off as much as I can. I’m even more inspired than I used to be. There are so many more tools for expressing yourself nowadays, and there’s a lot of conversation going on between the generations, which is a good thing. If you get on with someone, you just click in. It’s a case of retaining that naive, indefatigable spirit. I like throwing a pack of cards in the air and seeing where they land.”

➢ More about the world of Princess Julia and her blog


One response to “➤ Julia and Gaz share their secrets for ageing disgracefully

  1. What was Pete Waterman thinking? So what if there are more posh musos making music? I’m working class, if these kids make music people want to hear then good for them. Mr Waterman killed music for at least 10 yrs, and we only started to recover in the past few yrs, although Mr Cowell is having a good go at killing music again.

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