➤ This £5m iPhone has to be a spoof! Yes, that’s $7.8m or €6m or 52m Chinese Yuan or 245m Russian Rubles

❚ PINCH, PUNCH, FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH. You decide: is Stuart Hughes’s YouTube promo (below) the world’s most ludicrous reality TV event? Or what? Blingier than any Essex soap-star could ever be, Liverpool luxury gadget designer Hughes is the scalliest Scally joker of them all. His is the blingiest of shopping lists for Christmas…

world’s most expensive phone,£5m,$8m, iPhone 4 Diamond Rose,Stuart Hughes,

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose, with 500-plus diamonds

◆ iPhone 4 Diamond Rose, “The world’s most expensive phone”,  price £5m — Customised by Stuart Hughes, this iPhone 4 has a bezel handmade from rose-gold, and studded with 500 flawless diamonds (100ct). The rear has a rose-gold Apple logo set with 53 diamonds. The main navigation is a 7.4ct pink diamond set in platinum. Edition of two, from goldstriker.co.uk

◆ The Aquavista Dinosaur gold edition aquarium, price £3m — Crafted by Stuart Hughes for Aquavista, the only fish tank made from 68kg of 24ct gold and T-Rex dinosaur bone, upwards of 5ft wide. Edition of three. From aquavistauk.co.uk

◆ MacBook Air Supreme platinum edition, price £320,000 — This laptop special edition of five has a housing cast from solid platinum, weighing 7 kg. Find this and many more modestly priced trinkets at stuarthughes.com

PS: I want those fluffy cushions


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