2010 ➤ Index of posts for Sept

Orgreave, Yorkshire , miners' strike, riot police

Revisiting June 1984: Striking miners start to run as the police line opens to let mounted officers charge the mass picket at Orgreave Coking Plant, South Yorkshire. Photographed © by John Sturrock/Report Digital

➢ 1925-2010: Tony Curtis — for ever hot

➢ In the face of Cowell X-culture, Polhemus discovers the style supermarket afresh

Peter Frampton, David Bowie, schooldays

Peter Frampton today: Bowie’s best friend at school

➢ Six things some people might not know about Bowie

➢ As Station to Station is re-released, Egan discusses Bowie’s legacy: ‘It’s not rocket science and it is music’

➢ Slashed! Wallinger’s knife demonstrates a 25% cut on a Turner masterpiece

➢ Anna declares McQueen a pioneer of dreams and drama

➢ The 1980s: A new history of that most turbulent of decades which sounded a knell for the mining industry

➢ Robinson takes the Cowell shilling — so whose bum is on the throne at Popjustice?

➢ Egghead versus bimbo: Paglia demolishes Gaga

➢ The xx steal away with the Mercury Music Prize … a quiet storm for uncertain times

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