2010 ➤ Index of posts for June

David Bowie, Starman,  Top of the Pops, tipping point, BBC

➢ 1970 — Where to draw a line between glitter and glam: naff blokes in Bacofoil versus starmen with pretensions

➢ Unbelievable! The voice of sweet reason in George’s TV debut

➢ Spandau Ballet turn east for their final furlong

➢ Is it goodbye or merely au revoir? Spandau’s questions, questions give us no answers

➢ Step up Martin Kemp – movie mogul

➢ 1966 — When John Lennon became US public enemy number one

➢ RIP Big Frank and Little Frank. You’ll be missed. You know you will, you really will

Midge Ure, Mick Karn, After a Fashion

Ure and Kahn: Fashion single in 1983

➢ Ure rallies support for Japan’s bassist Karn

➢ Can George tell his Boudica from his Britannia?

➢ Duffy, the man who shot Aladdin Sane

➢ Manc agog at Gaga’s Monster Ball tour

➢ Taylor-made magic that can inspire Romantics ancient and Neo

➢ After Queen quits, who can save EMI — private equity boss or creative maverick?

➢ UK web stats that show why you find shopping online such a chore in your lunch-hour


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