2010 ➤ Rich Kid Steve New (aka Stella Nova) dies at 50


“Another one of the good ones gone. My thoughts are with Steve’s family and close friends”


“Steve New R.I.P. – Loved by so many. It was a real pleasure to play with you again in 2010. You are now 12 miles high but always in our hearts”


“Steve was always one of the coolest kids in my school… was somehow allowed to bring his cherished acoustic guitar into school in St John’s Wood, and would walk from lesson to lesson strumming along. In later years we had lots of fun together”

Rich Kids, Steve New, 1978, Steve Currid, pink trousers

➢➢ READ ON: Why the Rich Kids were the “missing link” between 70s and 80s – “So what was the missing link during the post-punk vacuum? The tell-tale signs are all over the early photos of Rich Kids and especially in their very Mod-flavoured 1978 debut on Top of the Pops that epitomised power pop …”

➢➢ VIEW ♫ ♫ Rich Kids debut on Top of the Pops, 1978: Glen Matlock, Midge Ure, Steve New and Rusty Egan

Rich Kids, Top Of The Pops, Glen Matlock, Midge Ure, Steve New , Rusty Egan

➢➢ VIEW ♫ ♫ Ghosts of Princes in Towers, 1978: Rich Kids on Revolver, introduced by legendary 60s satirist, Peter Cook (Steve New pictured below)

Rich Kids, Ghosts of Princes in Towers, Revolver, Peter Cook


12 responses to “2010 ➤ Rich Kid Steve New (aka Stella Nova) dies at 50

  1. James Stevenson

    I am lost for words, nothing sounds appropriate or can convey the loss. A true marvel – you will never be forgotten Steve.
    J x

  2. RIP – Steve New, 50, tried out for the Sex Pistols at 15, but when Glen Matlock was fired the pair formed the Rich Kids instead. They reunited in January, 31 yrs after splitting, to benefit New’s kids after his inevitable passing from cancer. http://urdead2me.wordpress.com/2010/05/24/rip-steve-new/

  3. “12 miles high” – with Steve on vocals , from same Revolver show as the ghosts of princes clip

  4. Another great musician leaves us.RIP Steve, you leave behind a history of great showmanship , much respect.

  5. Bye Steve. I got some great memories. I loved you mate. Tone.

  6. A great talent gone who deserved so much more,although weak at the recent Rich Kids gig he played a blinder

  7. Steve J. Jones

    Very sad news – a talented musician and extremely nice person.

  8. I´m gonna miss you like hell…

  9. I first heard Steve New’s incredible guitar when I was 12. A friend played me the first Rich Kids 45, and that piece of vinyl hit me like a ton of bricks and was yet another step on the road of my musical discovery. Add Steve New’s name to the long list of other musical giants who have left us this year. We have sadly said goodbye to many, but I am feeling this passing the most.

    RIP Steve. The 12-year-old in me won’t forget you.

  10. beatrice brown

    Stella has been not only been influencing humans from the ’70’s to the present day but he leaves a cult legacy with the new generation of the dissident artist underground… He was an elder and a unique teacher to many emerging musicians, revolutionaries, film makers, artists, photographers, designers, thinkers, feelers, lost souls and all the rest. He showed young people his truth. He showed ALL people his truth. Broke hearts and blew minds open with his guitar. He practiced creative fearlessness to its fullest. He meticulously respected his disapline. His life was a statement in beauty, grace and kindness and compassion. He was righteously angry. He was visually beautiful. He never stopped pushing the boundaries of the structure and meaning of music, never ceased to grow as an artist, perpetually evolving he kept his integrity above all. I will never forget what he meant to me. He saved my life.


  11. Only just found out about this really sad loss to music and the Punk generation’s cast…
    Loved the Rich kids, still do! Loved Steve’s guitar playing and still do…
    Steve lived a troubled life, at times, but finally found himself in recent years… its a massive shame to have him taken away so early… he will be greatly missed and his talent will forever shine… a true Prince now in God’s Ivory tower!
    R.I.P Steve

  12. Steve
    your gone
    but not forgotten
    how can i forget our RK days
    and when you was on TOTP
    you will allways make me smile Newey

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