2010 ➤ Index of posts for March-April

McLaren, O'Dowd,Shapersofthe80s,Index March April 2010

McLaren departs this world ... O’Dowd demands a place in the spotlight

➢ Kemp sets a new standard for rock memoirs

➢ Grace Jones turns her back on London ;-)

➢ Rich List puts George Michael top of the popstars from the un-lucrative 80s

➢ In Australia, Spandau make Jason feel like a kid again: one true pop fan reviews their show

➢ What a tear-jerker! McLaren mashes up his own musical ‘Requiem to Myself’

➢ Punk glitterati see McLaren noisily to his grave

➢ Nnnnn-na-na-na, nnnnn-na-na, Nineteen

➢ Midge stakes his claim as the weathervane of synth-pop who helped shape the British New Wave

➢ Sci-fi’s coolest Number 6 finds Gandalf in charge and relocated to 93-6-2-oh!

➢ McLaren — Svengali of Pistols and punk remembered by those who knew him


➢ Uh-oh, A2A is back and we’re about to be Quattroed in HD!

➢ Ex-jailbird George takes his first trancey steps on the path to sainthood

➢ A giant dies: Charlie Gillett, the man who defined rock’n’roll and world music

➢ Barcelona: Spandau wow lifelong fans in their other spiritual home

➢ Albums that defined the new 80s funk


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