2010 ➤ Rusty decrees who’s in, who’s out and what’s up

Rusty Egan

Egan today: “slower and warmer”

On Feb 22, 2010 Rusty Egan – onetime Blitz club deejay and livewire promoter today – gave a long assessment of current trends to the website of Glasswerk, the new music promotors. Here’s one squib:

❚ “VISAGE STARTED AS A COLLECTION of my favourite musicians currently available to make music for me to play at the Blitz club. I had a sound in my head and heart and wanted to make people dance and think and to send them on a trip during the evening…

“I would love to create a Visage 2010. What would I need? Creativity in the writing and the performance of the vocal. If I were to compile a CD of amazing music from all genres and play it in a club it would be slower, warmer and melodic and the lyrics would have to have meaning… Imagine Massive Attack, Portishead and Beth Ditto on vocals and the clarity of Kraftwerk… plus Calvin Harris and Deadmau5 and Chris Lake remixes. These people have the soul and the right structure for me. Chase & Status, Pendulum have the excitement…”


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