1981 ➤ Blue Rondo create a new buzz with Latin sounds and an extreme suited dude look

RonSanchBlue Rondo a la Turk was among the first of the Blitzworld’s new image bands to change the musical gear of 1981 towards a tongue-in-cheek collage of carnival rhythms. Fronted by future Wag club host Chris Sullivan, the eccentric seven-piece staged a series of invitation-only tease-dates through the summer of 1981. Their frantic music and their zoot suits were unveiled in the New Romantics’ magazine, New Sounds New Styles …

➢➢ Click here to read the first feature published about Rondo: “He thinks he’s Geronimo”

➢➢ VIEW ♫ fine Northern Soul footwork in the video for Klacto Vee Sedstein here:


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